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Important notice 

Continuing uncertainty about the impact of Covid-19 in terms of health, travel and finance leads us to once again modify the modalities of the conference "Minority languages spoken or signed & inclusive spaces", scheduled in May 2020.

Though we must give up the option of face-to-face interactions, it seems essential to us, however, to allow the participants to discuss together taking into account the new constraints. The option of giving live presentations seemed unsuitable for the situation, given the large time difference between speakers (sometimes more than 12 hours). Therefore, we are proposing a space for asynchronous interactions based on moodle, which will allow everyone to submit their contribution in one of the 6 languages of the conference.

In order to allow sufficient time for interaction between participants (speakers and auditors registered for the conference), the platform will be open from May 10 to June 30, 2021.

This does not allow for the initially planned simultaneous translation. The cost of this event, which is largely related to this expense, is thus significantly lower. The new rates proposed are therefore €10 for speakers and €15 for other participants (instead of 350 €).


Le programme des conférences sera mis en ligne dans les jours précédents le début du colloque, début mai.


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